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Mexico has it all and when Hero, Wolverand and partners Lucy and Deb went on a luxury all inclusive in the Riviera Maya region, they sure experienced a good deal of it. Blazing sun, crazy instant thunderstorms, Mexican dancing, drift diving, lizards, catamarans, tarantula's, dodgy gringo taxi's, stingrays, natural water parks, sea sickness, swim-up pool bars, Canadians, cocktails, cavern diving, manatees, speedboats, unspoilt beaches, water sports, tequila, ancient ruins, bright blue sea, very small waitresses, turtles, Noddy buses, thatched roofs, dolphins, Sol, luxurious accommodation, velociraptor birds, merengue, Mexican hats, greasy hair, sea lions, stinging sea ferns, sloths, Michael Jackson shows, nutty day and night entertainment at the Bahia, Rico, Spanish folk, friendly locals, Don Pablo's, The Hacienda, Cheggers, mad towel displays, sexy senorita's, giant grouper fish, cliff jumping, locusts, water polo, tanned skin and of course the Clubflat Team. Click the logo's at the bottom to see all the pics and people the Clubflat Team met on this exotic jaunt.



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