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They say good things comes in three’s.  Well for the third year running, the annual trip to Newquay has made it to the hallowed pages of the Clubflat site.  This Clubflat first was made possible by an increasingly large contingent of the Clubflat Team (13 this year) signing up for the annual antics in what is getting an increasingly bigger and better lads hol.  This year you’ll find the usual stickering, birds, laughs and beach stupidity, but in addition, a few interactive areas of fun are thrown into some of the pages.  Newquay rocks, and to mark the 3rd website anniversary (let alone 14 or so years of partying in Newquay before Clubflat even existed), a massive amount of work has gone into producing the special intro below (Flash Player Plug-in required).  It had to show what Newquay is really all about and right at the heart of it is Chuggsy, surfing,  adventure, and most important of all… a chilled out, random, hilarious time with your pals.  Clubflat, you know where it’s at.  Let the good times roll.