BEAKER (Clubflat nickname, founded in 2002)


Real Name: Daz C


Position: Clubflat Comedy Director



For some years it went un-noticed, just like a bird you have been seeing for far too long. Then someone said it. "His laugh sounds like Beaker from The Muppets". Yep, he's Beaker alright. Mih-mih-mih-mih-mih. Beaker has a valuable position in the Clubflat Team in that he likes to "sit on the fence". You can always rely on telling Beaker your plans without him grassing you up. He's not one to take sides or cook up jokes to play on people, but he always somehow seems to be involved and yet never suffers any of the consequences. This may be down to his fine Delboy skills which he uses to try and make a buck or two with the help of his handy book "1001 Money-Making Scam sites on the Internet". He's always up for a laugh, and with a laugh like his, you'd friggin' have to be. Going for a night out in a shirt covered in naked playboy women (respect! - see above pic) and wearing a pair of Union Jack shorts with a fake bum hanging out on holiday, he's a sure fire hit with the men in white coats. And we all know Beaker wore a white coat. He's a hell of a laugh, this is Clubflat's Beaker.


Beaker Says: "I don't laugh like Beaker you cheaky c*nt, mih-mih-mih-mih-mih".


Claim to Fame: "They named a character in the muppet show after me".


Other Aliases:

ScamMan - Be-ba-ba ba-da-doh, He's the ScamMan. Always a money making scheme on the go. Nickname founded in 2002.