DJ FUKUP (Clubflat nickname, founded in 2002)


Real Name: Mark K


Position: Clubflat Director of (Fuk'd up) Operations



DJ Fukup is a bit of an infamous legend. Having spent many years playing House and Trance tracks at clubs such as his (ex)-residency Millenium, Essence, Slinky, and even alongside the Sundissential crew and also Judge Jules, he has temporarily taken a break from the scene. He got a bit bored with the attitude of his resident club and decided to do a runner. Literally. Yes DJ Fukup exited in style by playing the worst record he could find in front of a raving crowd, then packing up all his stuff and leaving the record to play to the end until all that was left in the club was the re-occurring sound of a ticking stylus needle and a crowd with puzzled looks on their faces. Oh, and he cleared the bar of Vodka Kicks on the way out. Nice move. He has his finger in all pies (so to speak), including regular 1500 firework displays in his own back yard, dinner parties where he likes to show off his fancy cooking, amateur firearms, and also throwing house parties whenever he can find the minimalist of excuses for one, like "The footy's on". However, something always happens every time he goes somewhere or does something and along with his legendary "Club Exit" fiasco, he well and truly earned his nickname. E.g, while putting on a very spectacular firework display that lasted over an hour non-stop, what none of the 40 private guests realised is that while it was fun being only 20ft away from professional issue fireworks that have a minimum safety distance of around 60ft, it wasn't so much fun for the paintwork of all their cars parked round the front of the house as the remains of giant mortars rained down. And with his habit of getting pissed before he has even left the house to go out for the night, you can imagine the state of things to come when you're out with DJ Fukup. He also prides himself in being a master of practical jokes, but could he have met his match with Hero, the first person ever to dare play them back? Probably not.


DJ Fukup Says: "I'll fight you for your f*ckin' caravan".


Claim to Fame: "I've DJ'd back to back with Judge Jules".


Other Aliases:

Pyromaniac DJ - Due to his Firework Bonanza's. Nickname founded on November 5th 2001.

Bubbling Kels - When DJ Fukup gets pissed he has a tendancy to bubble. Anything can happen. Nickname founded in Cyprus 2001.