GUITAR HERO (Clubflat nickname, founded in 2009)


Real Name: Ade C


Position: Clubflat Manager of Rock



Guitar Hero's had a passion for bands and rock music ever since he's been known.  But not just any old rock music will do.  No, Guitar Hero has a finely tuned taste, so fine that for mere mortals it's difficult to tell what rock bands may get the thumbs up or thumbs down.  Guitar Hero doesn't play in a real band, but put him in front of that infamous Nintendo Wii game of the same name and you'll see why he got his name.  He'll know all the best rock tracks to put on from Black Sabbath's 'Crazy Train' to Reef 's 'Raise Your Hands'.  As he bashes his way through the tracks on the Wii guitar, the passion starts exploding from him to the point where you can just envisage the guitar getting smashed on the floor as he finishes a track and exits the stage, err, that'll be the lounge.  Guitar Hero's preference to playing in virtual bands is clearly part of the natural evolution of his other personality traits.  Yes, Guitar Hero is a gamer at heart and has spent many an hour online with Wolverand shooting the crap out of someone or other.  So it was with no surprise that when Clubflat went paintballing, Guitar Hero was there, butting other players out the way in order to secure the honour of raising the flag.  In true likeness to any rock star Guitar Hero will speak his mind, dishing out a healthy dose of sarcasm just at the right moment.  He was seen at his pure and utmost best in a video of a New Years Eve party celebrating the turn of the Millennium.  The camcorder didn’t leave his hand all night and the two hour video that was produced was testament to just how funny and on cue his mockery is.  Guitar Hero couldn’t care if you’re the saviour of the planet, he’ll soon send you on your way, tail between your legs, with a witty comment and an accompanying gravelly rock star laugh that will shrink you down to size.  That video has now become a legendary souvenir for all members of the Clubflat Team who were there that night, rightfully earning its place in a memorable hall of fame.  Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together... Guitar Hero is in the building.


Guitar Hero Says: "Lets trash this place you mutha's.  Oh, someone's beaten us to it".


Claim to Fame: "I was asked to join the Arctic Monkeys, but I turned them down.  They're wank".


Other Aliases:

Wig - Guitar Hero's original Clubflat nickname.  There was a phase where every time you saw Guitar Hero, his mullet would be dyed a different colour of the rainbow.  Nickname founded in 2004.

Ada - Err, this is Guitar Hero's real name changed slightly.  Nickname founded at birth.