MENTALIST DAD (Clubflat nickname, founded in Cyprus 2001)


Real Name: Mark C


Position: Clubflat Chief of Security



Being one of the oldest members of the Clubflat Team wasn't enough to earn Dad his nickname. It was the symbolic way that on holiday he would always be up first in the morning for his breakfast, even after a heavy night out. It was the way he would always be changed and ready first on the evening, sat down at the bar talking to the barmaid (while the "kids" were still getting ready upstairs and misbehaving). The way that without warning his encyclopaedic knowledge would surface from out of no-where and leave everyone dumbfounded. But Don't think from any of this that Dad is boring. He has an unfortunate disease that can affect him at any sporadic moment, apparently called "Mentalitus" which has the effect of making him act like a reckless 10 year old. Dad purposely trashed a jeep off-roading on holiday, he regularly does doughnuts in his Beemer while pulling off shopping centre car parks, and after having told Hero to behave in a night-club in Birmingham, he decides to go and spark someone out himself shortly afterwards. And this is just the start. A crazy member of the Clubflat Team, he's all our Dads, its Mentalist Dad.


Mentalist Dad Says: "Don't mess wiv yer Dad".


Claim to Fame: "I've seen plenty of famous pie close up such as Geri Halliwell, Steps, S-Club 7,  from my job at the NEC".


Other Aliases:

Bluto - Oh come-on, just look at the pic yeah? Ug ug ug. Nickname founded in 2000.

Spartacus - One day when some mates in a pub were squabbling at the table, Dad jumped up and slammed his beer on the table and settled the argument by shouting "I'm Spartacus". Nickname founded long before Clubflat when we were all kiddies.