NO-NAME (Clubflat nickname, founded in 2002)


Real Name: ?


Position: Clubflat Mystery Tours Manager



No-Name is the Clubflat Team's mystery member. Not even the rest of the Clubflat Team have seen him and been able to remember what he looks like, yet he is present on many Clubflat Adventures proudly distributing his Clubflat cards wherever he goes - like at Marstons Brewery. No-Name changes his face wherever he goes, you may meet him on many occasions but you will still never remember having met him before. The Clubflat Team recognise him only due to this sixth sense that they have when he is around telling them that the person that stands before them is someone they somehow know. That and the fact he is dropping Clubflat cards all over the place. No-Name is a fun guy, always up for a pissup and a bit of action when he graces us with his prescence and he often leads the way in showing the rest of the Clubflat Team how it should be done! For example he can be the master of placing Clubflat cards in the most unexpected and subtle of places without anyone having seen him do it. If you meet No-Name, make sure you are nice to him as you never know when you may next meet him, he crops up in the most unexpected of places.


No Name Says: "Now you see me, now you don't".


Claim to Fame: "I starred as the invisible man in the film Hollow Man".


Other Aliases:

Vanish - Due to the fact no-one has ever seen him and remembered what he looks like. Nickname founded in 2002.

Face-off - Due to the fact he never wears the same face twice. Nickname founded in 2002.