STEROID (Clubflat nickname, founded in 2002)


Real Name: Chris H


Position: Clubflat Health and Fitness Director



Pumping iron down the gym with Hero isn't what earned Steroid his nickname. Oh no, its much better than that. While out on the piss as usual he was wearing a short-sleeved tight shirt that made his forearms look pretty big. A guy both he and Hero mutually knew said to Hero "He never used to be that big. He's been on Steroids". "No he hasn't mate" replied Hero. "Yes he has, look at the water retention in his arms, I know these things" said the guy. "That's not water retention" said Hero, "That's FAT!". Enter Steroid. He's a bit of a handful when he's pissed which is usually every time he goes out. He has a tendency to shout abuse at people, offer his mates out for a fight, and has even been known to deposit phlegm on peoples back - all in the name of friendship. But we love him. Especially when he crawls back to apologise the next day as he can't remember a thing. Steroid will often perform his Houdini trick on a night out. In the blink of an eye he can disappear from sight leaving his mates no choice but to go home without him. Yet amazingly he still turns up for work the next day with little or no recollection of the previous nights events, only that he's somehow got scratches up his arms. Vague memories of the night before lead us to believe they are caused by jumping into bramble bushes, probably as Steroid was performing his Houdini trick or more likely during running away from the one-handed fat minger he was seen chatting up earlier. His pissed-up antics sure give the Clubflat Team something to laugh about.


Steroid Says: "I sin ya, what ya gonna do, not a lot, thought so, c*nt".


Claim to Fame: "None as yet but I want to be the first person to find a bush on the moon and jump through it".


Other Aliases:

Fall Guy - Steroid decided to do a crazy jump off the boardwalk rolling onto the sand in Zante from a 4 foot height resulting in a dislocated shoulder. Nickname founded in Zante 2006.

Bushboy - Due to his strange habit of jumping into bramble bushes when pissed. Nickname founded in 2002.

Conductor - When he takes to the dance floor, all he needs in front of him is an orchestra to wave those hands at. Nickname founded in 2001.