TRAGEDY DAVE (Clubflat nickname, founded in Faliraki 2002)


Real Name: Matt P


Position: Clubflat Director of Disaster



If you are ever foolish enough ever to partake in any event with Tragedy Dave, be it on your own head. In Faliraki he was always the one prompting for "Lets find some go-karts Dave". Tragedy Dave finds go-karting more interesting if you call it stock-car racing. Rather than have a competitive race he prefers to hang back, let you overtake him, then either ram the back of you or clip the rear end of your go-kart whilst on a hairpin bend and send you spinning out of control. And you should see the smile that bears upon his face if you should happen to spin sideways into his path as he charges directly towards you at 35mph. He does not care. Again reinforcing his name, Tragedy Dave, Hero and a girl called Cheryl decided to have a go on the Stingray which is a new water thrill, like the Doughnuts or Banana only much worse. The Stingray is basically a giant lilo that gets towed along by a speedboat in the sea and gets lifted up, sometimes fully out the sea by the wind. As the wind lifted the giant lilo up, Dave nearly fell in. Hero stretched his arm across to help him stay on and then suddenly all 3 were thrown off as it lifted up at speed. However Hero's ankle got caught tight in some rope at the back of the giant airbed and he was being dragged along underwater. He very nearly came home in a 6ft pine box due to trying to help Tragedy Dave. And to top it off, before they went on the Stingray Tragedy Dave is filmed on video camera saying "Here we go on the Tragic Carpet, its going to be mental". Hero swears never to go on them (with Tragedy Dave) again! Tragedy Dave is also prone to going blind when he drinks too much vodka, but this is when he has his best nights out! The Dave part of his nickname is due to the fact he never calls anyone by their real name. Everyone is called "Dave" in his book. In Faliraki, even the little old Greek woman in the market stall went by the name of 'Dave' that day.


Tragedy Dave Says: "I'm blind Dave, I'm blind, what a night. What a night!".


Claim to Fame: "I was once mistaken for Stevie Wonder in a nightclub after shouting I'm blind".


Other Aliases:

Dave, Spirros - Names were given to him due to the fact thats all he ever calls people. Nicknames founded in Ayia Napa 2001.