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Clubflat had been cordially invited to a special occasion in London, to meet the Queen!  Yes, having heard all about the grand job Clubflat has been doing of representing Her Majesty's United Kingdom all over the globe, The Queen was desperate to meet Clubflat and officially congratulate them.  Hero attended Buckingham Palace on behalf of Clubflat to accept the medal of honour.  As she met Hero, The Queen asked "So what do I need to do to become a member of the team?".  Hero replied "Stick a few Clubflat cards around the place to brighten it up a bit, plenty of Clubflat stickers too, promote Clubflat in your Christmas speech and get the Clubflat logo emblazoned on your crown. Oh, and flash yer tits!".  "No problem Mr Hero" replied Her Majesty.  Clubflat, she knew where it's at!


The Mall leading up to the Palace was closed off for Clubflat's arrival

Patriots started gathering outside the Palace for the momentous event

Hero pauses for a Press photograph of him Clubflatting the Palace gates

Prince Philip wore his medals whilst The Queen wore a Clubflat card