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The Clubflat team seizes every opportunity to promote Clubflat to celebrities, like the time Clubflat met Chis Moyles, Girls Aloud and Ratpack.  So when Hero was going into his hotel in London and Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London came wheeling his bike down the pavement towards him, Hero sprang into action.  In true down-to-earth 'Boris style', he was on his bike alone with no security team with him, wearing his suit with a rucksack on his back and wearing his helmet in typically lopsided fashion which was plastered in stickers promoting London's Oyster travel card all over it.  It was just like you see him on TV, this man's the real deal.  Before Hero could get to speak to him, he then chains his bike to the railings of the hotel and stops to help some foreigners with directions.  A man in touch with the people who clearly doesn't consider himself above them.  No wonder this fellow is so liked.  So what did he think of Clubflat?  "Love it" said Boris.  "Could you send me some Clubflat stickers through?  I think they would brighten London up nicely.  Perhaps we could replace The Tube signs with them" he says in his eloquent English accent.  "Oh and well done on Clubflatting The Queen last year.  Tally ho old bean".  And off he went.  Clubflat, Boris obviously knows where it's at.


Boris was the ideal person to stop and ask for directions

Hero introduces Boris to Clubflat

Known for chasing off thieves, Boris was confident his bike wouldn't be stolen