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If you were on a random night out in Stourbridge in March recently, you may have seen Clubflat's Special K out and about in his workout pants.  Ever the athlete, Special K donned a special pair of pants covered in pictures of bicycles with the phrase "Ride My Chopper" emblazoned on the elastic.  The pants may as well have been worn on the outside of his trousers for how often they were on display.  If Special K wasn't pulling them up over his stomach 'mongol' style, the Clubflat Team were wedgying him from behind to see if we could actually get them over his shoulders whilst his legs were still in them.  If you were one of the unfortunate ladies to get flashed at that night, we duly apologise.  For those needing counselling please call 0845-222-WEDGY.


Super-Chopper has arrived


Even the pants weren't strong enough

to contain the belly blip

Special K queues for the N-Dubz audition


The infamous 'nads are stress-tested


Will the pants pass the 'brown' test


This pic is now on 'Wanted' posters

all over Stourbridge

Do you dare ride Special K's chopper?