SPECIAL K (Clubflat nickname, founded in 1999)


Real Name: Craig B


Position: Clubflat Master of Tomfoolery



One of the original's from back in the days of 'The Flat' which later became known as Clubflat, is Special K.  There's a lot that makes Special K 'special', but more than anything it's his life-long never-ending quest to get in shape and keep trim that earned him his name.  After spotting Hero's one-pack many years ago at a time when he had begun weight training, and quickly coining the nickname 'Fat Kid' for him, the nickname 'Special K' was born as a result.  This was a reflection of the lighter weights and general fitness regime Special K prefers as a workout, in order to tone up and get that 'Special K' figure, just like the curvy lady on the Kellogg's advert.  Special K was one of the first of the lads to obtain that mid-riff blip and since then has always struggled to keep it in check.  For years now Special K has worked out in some gym or other.   He's does a lot of fitness training and has even competed in triathlon's.  On New Years Day 2010 he even ran 7 miles back to his house from Hero's after drinking all night, going to bed at 6am and having just 3 hours sleep!  But despite all this hard work and effort, and a daily diet of Kellogg's Special K cereal, that stubborn blip remains.  To help with the figure, Special K doesn't drink beer, only vodka, albeit in copious quantities.  In fact he's one of the few members of The Clubflat Team that can give Rhythm a run for his money on the finest Russian stuff.  Special K is always up for a laugh and usually some mischief too, but on the rare occasions he has a marathon voddy session with Rhythm, things can get really mental.  Like the time in Wolverhampton in a club where he had run around in hyper-mode causing mischief all night.  Outside afterwards one of the bouncers who was now off-duty decided to right-hook Special K whilst he was eating his hot dog.  Of all the times to start on someone, what a wimp.  Anyway, this episode somehow resulted in Hero getting locked up for the night in a cold hard cell, whilst Special K hunted around for the hot-dog he dropped before heading back to be warm and snug back at 'The Flat'!  Another one of Special K's party tricks is the 'getting out of the bollocks'.  He can whip out those spuds and put them away again quicker than Billy The Kid can go for his gun.  At the Max Power Live car show, Special K was stood in-between two extremely hot models having his pic taken when before they knew it, they'd just had their picture taken with a bloke with his balls out!  The hotties were gutted.  The lads were wetting themselves.  Check the pic out here!  This must be the most infamous 'bollock' moment.  Or was it the time he rested them on some chicks head in a pub without her knowing, but in full view of all the lads?  Who knows, there have been too many incidents to count!  One things for sure, there's never a dull moment with Special K around.  Introducing the curvy, the crazy, the one with the chicken legs, the most special of them all, it's Special K.  He's even got his own boat!


Special K Says: "To the Revolution!".


Claim to Fame: "Mr Potato Head was modelled on my spuds".


Other Aliases:

Arcade Craig - A name earned after beating everyone at any game on Hero's arcade machine at the New Years Eve Party 2009.  Nickname founded in 2009.

Chopper - Special K has the ability to grow stubble at will.  On occasion he has been known to shave a pair of handlebars into shape around his mush, like at Full Throttle Karting 2010.  Nickname founded in 2008.

Chicken Leg Mutha F*cka - After legging it across a busy road of several lanes and successfully dodging all the traffic, someone shouted "look at that chicken leg mutha f*cka run!".  Nickname founded in 2000.

C-Buck - A derivative of Special K's real name.  Nickname founded at birth.