EGGERGIZER (Clubflat nickname, founded in 2002)


Real Name: Tom G


Position: Clubflat Strategy Director



Following a 9 hour long stint at Gatecrasher at the NEC, the nickname Eggergizer emerged for the man who kept on dancing... and dancing... and dancing. People dropped all around him like nine-pins with cramped up legs and general body part failures, but the one and only Eggergizer kept on going and going and going... until kicked out by the cleaners. Even down the gym he pumps iron like he's just had a battery re-charge. He probably has. Eggergizer is well known for running into some of his 'Julies' wherever he goes. Ok some of them may be a bit minging, but that ain't the point. Having strong connections with Boots, now and then a really fit 'Julie' enters the arena, and when they do, they are certainly worth a "bit of elbow". Owing again to his strong Boots connections, he is never without a sample top-up fragrance just when you need it most, i.e. when his Julie's are in sight and you smell like a tramp after some git spilt beer on you. If you see the Eggergizer around, be sure to ask for a spray of one of his fine fragrances. You never know, you may get (un)lucky with a Julie.


Eggergizer Says: "Ahh man, I just got some elbow off me Julie".


Claim to Fame: "They named a leading battery brand after me due to my energetic dancing".


Other Aliases:

Eggnorant - Eggergizer is notorious for not answering his phone, replying to texts or responding to invites. Nickname founded in 2007.

Sun Block - No matter where he goes, despite how hot it is and how long he spends in the sun, Eggergizer just can't get brown. Nickname founded in Zante 2006.

Richy Cunningham - The Fonz's pal. Oh come on man, the likeness is there! Nickname founded in 2002.

Eggy - A derivative of his surname. Nickname founded at birth.