HERO (Clubflat nickname, founded in 2001)


Real Name: Ryan G


Position: Clubflat Editor in Chief



After several successful Punani hunting missions, Hero was born. Although it could be because he once rescued a cat from a tree. The name was dreamt up by Biff as he lent Eggergizer some Jean Paul Gaultier aftershave and laughed "It should be renamed to 'Hero' because Ryundai wears it". At the time, the Clubflat Team members who had this flash of inspiration to call him "Hero" probably did not realise the real symbolic value the name would have for him. Being good at something is not enough for Hero, he strives to be good at everything whilst encompassing a down-to-earth comical personality. Having previously organised 50 seater coaches to tour clubs all over the country for a few years, Hero is always up for a party and any kind of spur of the moment madness, especially if it means making a right cock of himself. Yes Hero's always up for the crack. If there's a laugh to be had, Hero's involved somewhere. Especially when it means taking on the legendary DJ Fukup with his practical jokes. Wherever the occasion, whatever Clubflat Team members are there, Hero always is. As he watches his bank account slowly dwindle away, he can only console himself with the fantastic memories he has. A Black Belt in Kickboxing, Gym Addict, Party Addict, and a Passion for Punani, but bless him his hearts in the right place. There's only one Hero.


Hero Says: "Work Hard and Play Hard, Punani aii!".


Claim to Fame: "I've had my last two cars featured in Max Power Magazine".


Other Aliases:

Stinger Malone - Down at Laze's caravan in Tywyn, Wales, Hero stunned everyone by covering himself from head to foot on a really hot day and brandished a petrol strimmer to tackle some 5ft stinging nettles that were surrounding the van. The apparent 'hardness' of the act that no-one else would do earned him the name Stinger Malone.  Nickname founded in 2009.

Mincing - Sometimes Hero can take a little too long doing that hair of his. Put that hairdryer away! Nickname founded in Zante 2006.

Slim - Short for Slim Shady, a rhyme associated with his surname. Nickname founded in 2003.

Ryundai - A play on his Christian name. Nickname founded in Cyprus 2001.

Saving Private - Relating to his first name after the film "Saving Private Ryan". Nickname founded in 2001.

Adrenalin Junkie - Hero has a penchant for adventure sports and jumping from great heights which most others wouldn't do, such as bungee's and sky diving. Nickname founded in 2000.

Fat Kid - After working out at the gym, Special K spotted Hero's one-pack while sitting down drinking in a pub. Nickname founded in 1999.