QUICK BUCK (Clubflat nickname, founded in 2002)


Real Name: Dazz G


Position: Clubflat Director of Finance



Quick Buck is, and always has been a gambler by name and a gambler by nature. If there's a buck to be made from a quick flutter on anything at all you care to mention, you can guarantee Quick Buck's put a small wager on it. Being the founder and manager of the Clubflat Casino, he always has his hand in some money-making scheme or another. However Quick Buck only ever gamble's in small amounts due to his great fear of losing money, but more often than not he is the person who on a random spur of the moment gamble will play the 250 fruit machines in the snooker club and then walk away with a hefty sum, sometimes the full jackpot. Quick Buck regularly makes an appearance at official Casino's, is a member of online Internet Casino's and bookmakers, and he also has an appetite for playing American pool and table football for money. He even has miniature toys of a table football, a pinball machine and a roulette wheel. Scheme's in the past have included getting a new CD-writer sent free under warranty from a vendor because his old one was broken, then while he was awaiting his new one, the broken one started working again. The vendor then delivered the replacement but didn't bother to collect the "broken" one so Quick Buck then sold it to someone at work for 120 (you could buy them brand new for that at the time). Quick Buck has even prised 100 out of his own Mother for being the only one brave enough to cut the Clubflat cat's claws - he bargained on 5 a claw. The list of fast-cash scheme's is endless. However some are a bit hair-brained and don't go quite to plan. Like when he tried to sell a 15 year old 10 electronic Donkey Kong game for 150 on the Internet hoping some geek would buy it for its historic value. And the time he bought some very rare Elvis CD's off the Internet hoping to copy them and sell them on for more than he bought them - but no-one was interested. He has also lost his fair share of cash at the Casino. None-the-less Quick Buck's second annual week long trip to Las Vegas with fellow gambler and Clubflat Team member Cyber-Dog is planned for December 2002 where he plans to hit it big time so he can open a chain of Clubflat Casino's. But if all else fails here as it most likely will, its back to 30p a throw in the snooker hall fruit machine.


Quick Buck says: "I'm buying this hand".


Claim to Fame: "I've met Richard Branson - but he wouldn't play me at cards".


Other Aliases:

Chubbs - Quick Buck has extraordinarily chunky legs for his body size and after a drunken wrestling bout with Laze where he used his hefty legs to pin him down, Laze helplessly exclaimed the insult "Get off me... Chubbs!". Nickname founded in 2006.

Slim - Short for Slim Shady, a rhyme associated with his surname. Nickname founded in 2001.