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The Aquashow water park is simply a boys paradise. Not only does it have some amazingly fast water slides, it also has a water rollercoaster with two great drops, a big wave pool, and a water slide like no other - a huge vertical drop half-pipe slide! Wolverand and Hero couldn't get enough as they barged the kids out the way to race each other down the slides. Gangwaaaaayyyy...

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The water rollercoaster was awesome

Good job you go on this in your swimming trunks

The wave pool was a fair size...

...And was clearly popular

Wolverand pinches some kids rubber ring

The amazing half-pipe slide!

Shhiiiiiitt! Hero takes the plunge down...

...and back up the other side...

...and finally sliding down the middle to the pool

Wolverand's fat arse sinks into the ring for some scrapage

Then he nearly goes over the top of the other side!

The drag from his arse helped slow him down

Hero's arse-first technique just pips Wolverand's sideways approach

The water park also had a free parrot show

The parrot liked it in there, honest

Parrot waited eagerly for his turn on the stage

The water park shop also sold Clubflat cards

Clubflat card came free with every cute and cuddly toy