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Beach, pool, snack bar, beer, beach, pool, snack bar, beer. Yep that was pretty much the size of it. Clubflat stayed at Hotel Oceano and whilst it was not on the same scale of grandeur as last years palace in Mexico, it did the job. The sea was actually a bit cold, although the water was 22 degree's. Apparently September is the hottest month for the water for some strange reason so this was as warm as it was going to get. At the bottom of the hill by the hotel was the main beach in Albufeira, which stretched right the way to Old Town. As you walk along this long beach, just make sure you have your sunglasses on...


The dynamic name almost enticed Hero to go in

Lucy is shocked as a seagull does the business on Wolverand

The 'Lookie, Lookie' Clubflat Men patrolled the beach selling cards

Sand sculptor names his masterpiece in honour of Clubflat

The Clubflat Team were always after some pussy shots

The Portuguese cat struggled to read English

Classic horizon shot

Albufeira's marina

Lucy was brave and put a toe in

Dedicated Wolverand always had a card ready

"Hurry up and take the photo, waters freezing"

Smile for the passing perv

Hero's magazine poses were coming along nicely

A successful days tanning

Playing horsey's in the pool was great fun

Hotel looked a bit like a beehive

Clubflat was on the menu at the hotel snack bar

A sure way to guarantee a few hits on the site

The designer was on acid when he came up with this colour scheme

Clubflat plans to expand abroad - Clubvilla