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Wherever they go, diving is always a number 1 priority for Hero and Wolverand and in Albufeira, the main and only dive school is Indigo Divers - check them out on As usual Clubflat left their mark with cards being left everywhere, including the sea bed. Diving in The Algarve isn't exactly exotic. The Atlantic ocean is quite dark with only 6-8 metres visibility and the sea was about 20-22 degrees, so the dives were really intermediate ones just above what you'd get in the UK. But every time you dive somewhere, it's always different and all good experience, especially when you were on a tiny boat about the same size as the one in the film Jaws! It's also the first time we've got kitted up in an underground car park! The two dives on the first day helped us get used to the conditions for the next day of diving. Diving with Hero and Wolverand was Divemaster Tiago and fellow Brit Clive. First dive was around 16m deep at a site called 'Bedra Do Alto' and the second dive at around 10m at a site called 'Bedra Da Oura'. Not loads to see down there so you need to look carefully.


Velma from Scooby Doo worked in the dive shop under alias Claudia

Fancy a dive? Take a Clubflat leaflet

Not the ideal changing room

Getting kitted up in an underground car park!

The tiny boat is about the same size as the boat in Jaws

Boat even has the same seat at the back like the one in Jaws

Well at least the sea is calm even if the weather is dull

Would you go diving in that dark water?

Clive from down south gets introduced to Clubflat

Divemaster Tiago was chuffed to be on Clubflat

Sea Cucumber poses with the card

You can just about make out Wolverand in these dark waters

As tropical as the fish got

One way to pin down the card in the current

Captain of the boat gets Clubflatted

Hero contemplating whether he wants to go under

Fish weaved in and out the coral

Clive gives the OK

Dagger in hand, Hero's ready for anything lurking in the murky water

The real star of the show

One for the crabs

Someone had poured fairy liquid into the sea again

Divemaster Claudia with Ralph and Judith, from Germany we think

Hero brings up a souvenir, the shell of a spider crab