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Clubflat began every night with a corking meal at some top restaurants. Ok, we slummed it in the English chip shop once or twice but then we needed an injection of being back home. There is some real quality food to be had and you'll see the best places to have it on this page. Top of the list is Augusto's where Hero claimed to have the best steak he has ever had, ever. Steak Diane, cooked in front of you by Augusto himself, it's amazing to watch let alone eat and it really gets your appetite going. As for the desserts, out of this world in both look and taste, just see the pics. Then at the opposite end of the scale we have Ramires restaurant. This place is renowned in the whole of the Algarve for it's Piri Piri chicken. It's an out of town place quite a taxi ride away in a small village called Guia where you mix with mainly locals, so the food is consequently cheap and not tourist inflated. It's 3 stories high and we'd heard it gets rammed every night. Sounds good. So in we went with expectations of Nando's on heat, only to be served with what can only be described as scraps of anorexic chicken, all in little lumps on the bone. It was like the chicken equivalent of spare ribs but without the bbq sauce and instead cooked in some foul tasting oil. Good job it was cheap. The Piri-Piri sauce you can get in the Portuguese supermarkets is actually very nice, similar to Tabasco but there wasn't even any of that on this chicken. We'll stick to good old Nando's, thanks, customised to the delicate British taste.


One of the best curry's you'll have at Mr and Mrs Balti's

Wolverand's hunger gets the better of him

Now that's a novel way to serve a balti

Augusto's restaurant was a hidden wonder

You can see why Hero married her!

Augusto's is cooking up one of his specials for Clubflat

Hope you like your steak well done

Food cooked to perfection

Desserts tasted as good as they looked

Cowboy bob stands outside Augustos' hauling in passers-by

and dishing out Clubflat cards

Anyone for a giant game of chess?


Go to Ramires for Piri-Piri Pigeon

Shady characters lurked in Clubsaloon

Hero bursts out ready to shoot the chef

Top quality pizza's at Bank restaurant in Old Town

Would you believe the chippy staff also came from Dudleeey? Yes!