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The name "Snack Bar 'O Forte" doesn't really do this place justice as it is far more than just a place for a snack. From the outside we thought it was just a little snack bar until we went inside this Tardis of a place and discovered a multitude of TV's showing all different sports channels in what is actually a good sized bar. Being situated next to our hotel, Club Oceano, Clubflat went there for breakfast, lunch, afternoon beers, a quick beer before heading up the town and a quick beer after coming back from town. The crazy place was open till 3am! Every morning we would get served breakfast by bubbly Portuguese Cilla who loved nothing more than to go to war with Hero seeing who could take the piss out of each other the most. Breakfast was cooked by the owner Laura from England who set up the bar there 15 years ago. Then at night her Portuguese husband John would be serving us beers till the early hours. An extremely friendly place with the best English breakfast in the street. If you want your eggs done properly and brought to your table with a smile, this is the place to go.


After a quick starter pint at the snack bar (arrowed) it's off into town

This was the first night before we even knew John!

Wolverand started his breakfast like a real man

Looking at that hair, it's clear Hero has just got up

Despite their piss-taking, Cilla loved Hero really

Clubflat completes the wall of fame

Laura kept us going through the holiday with a mean daily breakfast

Cilla went and bought some Piri-Piri sauce just for Hero's toasties, bless