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If there's one thing Albufeira has a lot of, it's street entertainment. Some of these guys are so good, you actually want to give them money. The street mimers in Old Town and New Town must have made a mint out of Clubflat over the 2 weeks. We counted how much they can make in just a few hours a night and suffice to say we all handed our notices in when we got home. Their act was just hilarious as they copied and mimicked passers-by, often without their knowledge. By chance we saw them that often that the New Town mimer got to know us. In addition to the mimers are the 'lookie-lookie' men, who are actually quite pleasant and don't harass you like in a lot of other holiday places. One of the funniest moments of the holiday was when Wolverand spent 10 minutes bargaining a watch down from €25 to €9. Stuck on a price of €18, Wolverand gave the poor 'lookie' hell, even putting all his stuff he'd so neatly laid out on the table back in his bag for him. Finally the 'lookie' caved in and reduced to €9. But he was still chuffed to make the sale! Check the mad pic! Then you had other street performers such as an amazing Wild West Indian band playing pan-pipes and bongo style tunes through some loud amps and speakers. They certainly drew a crowd. Or there was a multitude of performers dressing up as statues and making sudden movements to spook people as they passed. They don't move unless it's to scare someone, so Clubflat's crowning achievement, getting one of them to hold a Clubflat card!

Update: Wolverands "lookie-lookie" watch broke after 3 weeks. The strap fell apart and the hands fell off! The last laugh was on the 'lookie'.


New Town street mimer does his infamous 'laying the rope trick'

Clubflat card in mouth, the mimer points out Deb's tan line

"Look maaann, I sell you good genuine watches by Goochee"

The sale is done and all are happy

Old Town street mimer sets up his blasted rope

Wild West Indian band was just missing Billy The Kid

Michael Jackson found having a

blow job off the invisible boy

Street statues hold the Clubflat card!