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April is one of those times of year Clubflat looks forward to for a good team piss-up to celebrate Eggergizer's, Special K's, Face's and The Guvna's Birthdays, which all fall within a few days of each other.  In recent times it's become the evolved tradition to precede the alcoholic leg of the day with some testosterone filled track action at Full Throttle (see  This indoor track is relatively small, but possibly the most fun track you will ever drive on.  The track surface is coated in a type of slippery paint that makes it like driving on a skid pan.  The whole circuit has to be driven putting the wheels on opposite lock for every bend in order to drift round in the direction you really want to go and prevent the back end from spinning out.  It's just like the movie 'The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift'.  After 80 gruelling laps on the Endurance race, you come away with extremely fatigued muscles having to continuously lock the wheels and fight the kart to go round every corner, but bring on winter, as you're now also an expert at driving on ice!  The Full Throttle lads also contributed to making this a fun event.  Not only do they tolerate a fair bit of kart tussling without hanging out that annoying black flag, unlike most of the jobsworth marshals you come across, but also because when they caught the Team planting Clubflat stickers around the place, they simply laughed.  Then a few of them wore them on their shirts too.  Clearly these boys know how to get their picture on the Clubflat site...

Click the kart below to see the race pics and commentary!


The Full Throttle Karting 2010 Clubflat Team