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The Clubflat Team have been a lot of places between them all and shared many a good time together being stupid, having fun, meeting people and promoting Clubflat. One thing's guaranteed, if you meet any of the Clubflat Team it will be an unforgettable experience in one way or the other. Read some of the testimonials we've received back off people on our adventures...


After Clubflat visited New Zealand to see "The Lion Man" and the big cats from the Sky TV series, The Lion Man asks over 8,000 Facebook fans to download the "Help The Lion Man" campaign poster from the Clubflat site, especially created by Clubflat after his Mother sidelined him from the famous park he built up.


Bev Foster, wife of Cheggers look-a-like posting a comment on Clubflat's Facebook group. Met Clubflat in Mexico 2006.



"Hola Hero,

Gracias por el link a tu pagina. I check it and is really nice. I proud to be your dive buddy…

Thank you. Say hello to andy.

Un abrazo


Francisco "Pancho" from Mexico, Divemaster at Dive Tank-Ha. Met Clubflat in Mexico 2006.

"Alright Memphis! It's clare from Zante, hows things? me, sophie and sally just got back from thailand, it was INCREDIBLE, you should definitely go, it was totally amazing. i'll send you some pictures when i can. anyway we've just been pissing ourselves at the clubflat website, the photos are great and the comments are pure comedy genius. i can't stop laughing! we all want to go back now though! so many funny memories, what a trip! are you planning your next holiday yet? we've all got uni n stuff now so won't be going anywhere for a while. oh well. hope everythings good with you, say hi to the others for us. who knows, maybe we'll bump into you lot one day on another clubflat adventure! see u around, clare X p.s. i'm surprised you lot havent been done for indecent exposure!"

Clare, Sutton Coldfield. Met Clubflat in Zante 2006

"Hey Hero, it good to dive with you in Zante, I like very much the foto's. you guys crazy picturing those clubflat cards underwater with starfish but i glad to help with foto. won't forget for long time how funny you made me, crazy but safe diving. site is very good, take care, Igor."

Igor, Slovakia. Hero's Dive Buddy in Clubflat in Zante 2006

"Great Web site great pics glad you enjoyed your holiday. All the best for your next one .regards Brian night manager come security come general all purpose handy man Hotel Margarita. P.S YOU WERENT BAD ENOUGH FOR ME TO GIVE YOU WARNINGS.try harder next time cheers to a great bunch."

Brian & Debbie, Zante. Hotel Margarita bar staff in Zante 2006.