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Clubflat's very own mind controlling, non-blinking member, otherwise known as The Hypnotist, decided to quit the UK last year and head somewhere a little more extravagant.  Somewhere that felt akin to the UK, but with a lot more sun.  The place where "political correctness gone mad" has not yet hit, and with tough immigration laws and local radio stations that think nothing of swearing on air, probably never will.  Of course the place we're talking about is Australia!  G'day cobber!  Hero and missus Lucy went over to see what all the fuss was about.  Not only that, but they along with The Hypnotist and his Ozzie partner Nicole also took a flight over to New Zealand.  If you thought Australia was a home from home, all we can say is try New Zealand.  The culture of both countries is highly based around that of the UK, with a touch of American influence.  But with the awesome greenery, you really feel like NZ is the UK, but just not the UK in a weird kind of way.  These are two countries where adventure sports rule, the sun shines a lot, life is laid back, the houses are all large and yet still affordable, the petrol is half the price, the people love the British, and where you can say things you used to be able to 30 years ago in the UK, but can't anymore for fear of being locked up, or blown up.  There is an amazingly warm community feel in both countries on a countrywide level.  The only question now was... which one to emigrate to?  A difficult decision.  So click on the links below to see the best of what these two outstanding countries has to offer.  Australia, New Zealand, we WILL be back.


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New Zealand

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The Lion Man

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Sky Jump


Te Puia

Diving In

Byron Bay

Steve Irwin's

Australia Zoo



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