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Two weeks later Hero's sister Rachael and two friends Vicki and Ciara went to Albufeira to paint the town red. With Clubflat in her bloodline, Rachael was sure to carry on the good work and with some great Clubflat card promoting from Ciara, Albufeira must have thought Clubflat never left! Add to that the Queen of drink, Vicki, and things were guaranteed to go a little pear-shaped. Clubflat grows tits! Good work girls, next time we'll issue you with Clubflat bra's.


The start of a crazy girls hol

Eager to get cards in the pic, Ciara and Rach detached their arms

You could turn his head upside down and he would still look the same

Where they were happiest - behind the bar

Bad move mate, Vicki's the biggest piss-can you'll meet!

Ciara squeezes a sly one out while the others are pre-occupied

Vicki daren't look at the state of Rach and Ciara

The girls wet themselves as they 'egg and flour' some poor bloke

Ciara's Irish jig made the heavens open

Don't they make a lovely couple

It was a shock no matter how many times she saw...

...Vicki casually starting the night off

Necklace was a custom fit

Vicki popped out for the evening

Ciara went on a mission to spread 'Clubflat' to all age groups

Thinking they'd won some prize they ran back to tell their hubbies

Lean in, just in case the camera can't fit the huge group in

He wasn't impressed to find this in his pint

La Bamba, the main bar in 'The Strip' gets Clubflatted

Portuguese greaser 'thinks' his luck is in

Guaranteed to happen on any girls hol. Someone throw in the mud!

The girls were on a tight budget