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The second day of diving consisted of 2 deep dives at about 23m along a reef wall. Diving with Wolverand and Hero this time was Divemaster Bruno and Jonny from Sweden. Indigo Divers owner Jo was also on this trip putting 2 diving students, Brits Gary and Damien through their paces for their Open Water exam. We got kitted up on the side of the mariner which made a change from doing it in the dark of an underground car park, but there was still a surprise in store. We thought the last boat on Day 1 was small, but that was the size of the QE II compared to the boat that pulled up for this trip! This one really was smaller than the boat in the Jaws movie and with its little wooden cabin, it looked like it too! The sea was really calm, yet the weight of people kitting up on this piece of matchwood rocked the boat side to side and instantly that great sea-sickness feeling came on! The day out at sea started off dull and cloudy again making for a more daunting dive in the dark water. With no gate exit on the boat to giant stride out into the water, it was clear we were going to have to do it Navy Seal style, backwards over the side! This is what we mean when we say every diving experience is different! "Commmandooo". Then Wolverand struck up an interesting thought. "If there's no gate, how are we going to get back in the boat?!".

The first dive site was called 'Cela' and the second 'Two Anchors'. The second dive was particularly interesting as at 23m Wolverand got into a spot of bother with air in his BCD and began floating up on a runaway ascent. Hero went to help him out, going as shallow as 10m before they got it under control. But by then, Bruno the divemaster who knew the terrain had buggered off with Jonny, leaving Hero and Wolverand on their todd. Not that you had to bugger off far with 6-8m visibility, you go out of sight as quickly as you do in fog. Ah well, we carried on regardless, went back down to 23m and continued along the reef wall for another 15 minutes. No chance of us finding the boat anchor line without Bruno so we had to make a mid-water ascent with nothing but each other for visible reference! After a 3 minute safety stop at 5m, we surfaced and looked around 270 degrees for the boat - but it was no-where to be seen! Then we looked directly behind us and there it was, 15m away. PHEW! It's all part of the experience!


At least we're not in an underground car park this time!

Wolverand and Jonny - The bandana boys

"Roy, I think we're gonna need a bigger boat"

It's even smaller than the boat from Jaws. Hover mouse here

Wolverand sat at the back to avoid a repeat of Mexico sea-sickness

Swedish Jonny surveys the grim horizon

Bruno with Jo, who was clearly dying for the toilet

Millions of fit blonde Swede's had caused Jonny to lose his hair

Visibility was just knockout

There's always a ginger wherever you go

A sea-snake of some sort - and they're all venomous!

Fish just milling about in the coral

Great shot of a floating turd here

Bruno holds onto the anchor line for the first dive's safety stop

The boys passed their Open Water & pledged allegiance to Clubflat

Captain often hunted great whites like Jaws

Helpful fish tucks the Clubflat card under the Starfish for us

Planting cards underwater for the next set of divers

There is a fish in here

And in here!

Wolverand floats away

After-dive fag and thumbs up. They survived to dive another day