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You may remember honouree Clubflat members The Durban Drinkster, The Dancing Jock and Johnny Utah from Hero's stag do in Budapest 2005.  Well now it was Jason the Durban Drinksters' turn to follow in the footsteps of all great explorers and take the next brave step into the unknown - marriage.  At first no-one was going on the stag do.  Then everyone learned that they get to fire paintballs at the Durban Drinkster from close range and before you could say "avvve iiiitttt", 14 blokes had made their way to sunny Bournemouth.  Only this was going to prove tricky.  Durban Drinkster has an identical twin, Shane, and not only that but one of their South African mates, Rob, was such a good look-alike he could have been a third brother.  Yes this was a South African stag do, or rather a Bulls Party as they're called over there.  What a mixed group.  4 English blokes, 7 South Africans, 1 Scot, 1 Indian and 1 American.  There's culture for you!  Durban Drinksters' two best men, twin Shane and old friend Matt had made sure he didn't get away lightly.  In addition to paintball and the usual bar crawls, on the second night the Durban Drinkster was made to dress up in his mothers best clothes complete with a ladies satchel containing a feather duster, lube, and a bright pink dildo.  That was in addition to being made to don a hard hat with a wobbly willy hanging off it, along with an alcoholics whisky mug chained to his wrist.  With Matt having suffered at Durban Drinksters hands on his own stag do, it became evident that what goes around, comes around.  With the South Africans and the Scottish known for their drinking games, the English that are known to just drink, drink, drink without the need for any games, Johnny Utah the only American who doesn't drink Bud Lite and Indian Praveen the Cobra beer addict, this was going to get messy.

The Bulls Party Crew: Durban Drinkster (Jason), Hero, Shane, Dancing Jock (George), Johnny Utah (Chad), Matt, Rob, Will, Andy, John, Praveen, Rowan, Pete, Paul.


3 lads weren't on the original group photo, can you identify who? See the original pic in Part 2...