FUN BOBBY (Clubflat nickname, founded in 2009)


Real Name: Neil S


Position: Clubflat Fun Instructor



Inside every man is a young excitable boy dying to get out and do what he did when he was a kid.  If you had to represent that inner yearning in humanoid form, it would take the shape of Fun Bobby.  For Fun Bobby, life is one big game to be enjoyed.  He doesn't want to know about bills, car trouble, broken boilers or any other of life's daily hassles, he just wants to have fun.  Fun is the only thing in life that Fun Bobby can be serious about and it's these principles that make Fun Bobby a 'must have' at any party or other goings on.  You can be sure Fun Bobby will find something entertaining to do or something to make you laugh.  He happily wastes any amount of money on useless gadgets and is an expert at turning any of these gadgets into far more fun than the manufacturers intended, usually with some risk to human injury in the process.  When the lads piled round Clubflat, Fun Bobby roped them into buying three remote control mini-helicopters which for the rest of the afternoon whizzed around everyone's heads chopping people up.  Has also has a habit of buying dangerous weapons and using them as play toys.  He bought a BB gun which he keeps down Laze's static caravan in Wales, and he will often try to shoot you with it while laughing at you in a sickly fashion.  He also bought a heavy duty 50 crossbow which has enough power to easily kill you should it hit you.  Luckily it was more than enough fun for him just to shoot it at targets on trees.  Fun Bobby also once lit a firework in Laze's van and went running down the van and out the door with it lit before it went it off and he lobbed it.  The firework was going off everywhere so he tried to put it out by stamping on it which was just chaotic, but hilarious.  Be warned, this is what happens when kids don't grow up.  The morning Michael Jackson's death was being announced on TV, Fun Bobby walked downstairs, looked at the TV, paused for a moment, and then let out the most piss-taking sarcastic laugh you can possibly imagine.  To him this was funny beyond belief!  This 'laugh' is now used by all The Clubflat Team if you want to take the pee out of each others misfortune.  It is unbelievably effective and can have the other person in fits of anger or even tears.  Fun Bobby is also a DIY master and is always ready to help you out, so long as there's some fun and games involved.  Now all of this is when Fun Bobby is sober.  When Fun Bobby's had a drink, that's when the 'real fun' begins.  This is where Fun Bobby gets his name, from the character in the infamous episode of Friends who as soon as he's had a drink, turns into this hilariously entertaining guy you all want to hang out with.  During a drunken session once, he was trying to push Image out of the road as Image had had too much to drink.  Fun Bobby then tripped and was about to fall over but realised he was also holding a bottle of wine in one hand, whilst his other hand was in his pocket.  In his split second 'fun-based' decision making process, he decided to save the bottle of wine and not put his free hand down, instead using his head to greet the ground with.  This has left him a nice battle scar, or 'fun scar' as he prefers to call them.  It doesn't matter who you are and how big you are, Fun Bobby also has a habit of rugby tackling you to the floor once home after a drunken night out, and then he'll attempt to choke you 'Ultimate Fighting Championship style' until you tap out - only no-one's actually tapped out yet!  On any night out, Fun Bobby will usually be one of the last few standing like at Hero's New Years Eve party where he will try and make you dance and do silly things you can't help but join in with, just to make you stay out later.  Fun Bobby is one of the originals who frequented 'The Flat' all those years ago in the days of Quick Buck's poker sessions.  Only he didn't go to play poker, he just went for the drink and the god damn fun of it.  Forget Peter Pan, he's far too boring when compared to Clubflat's one and only... Fun Bobby.


See Fun Bobby in action here...  Jumping Spinning Kick Goes Wrong and Lesson In Bush Diving.


Fun Bobby Says: "The only thing in life worth getting serious about is having fun".


Claim to Fame: "I was the brains behind Noel Edmonds House Party (remember the Gunge Tank) and Pat Sharp's Fun House.  [Sings] Fun house, a whole lot of fun, prizes to be won...".


Other Aliases:

Ginger Bollox - When down Laze's van in the summer, Fun Bobby started playing Aerobie with some kids.  Kids being kids they immediately gave him a name.  That name was Ginger Bollox.  Nickname founded in 2009.

Crazy Frog - When drunk, Fun Bobby often becomes the Crazy Frog, not making any sense and generally acting like a loon bouncing around all over the place.  Nickname founded in 2008.