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A hot summers day, a woman-free penthouse pad, this could lead to only one thing... a lads day round Clubflat! Yes, Clubflat actually exists! Quick Buck, Bluff, Steroid, Cyber-Dog, The Hypnotist, Image and The Two Neils descended on Hero's gaffe for some serious fun. With a professional table football and classic Sega Outrunner arcade driving machine adorning the lounge, along with a Playstation 2, a barrelful of beer, a chill-out balcony, some really hot sun and plenty of other gadgets, this really is a lads paradise. Just one more thing needed... helicopters! What a mental day this was. As Hero and Quick Buck wiped the floor with everyone on the footy table, 3 helicopters buzzed around the room like wasps, attacking and scathing anyone in their path. Intended more for fun than for serious model flying, these babies are equivalent to a flying supermarket trolley - impossible to control! So as the boys battled it out on the Playstation or got intensely involved in a game of footy, the excitement was heightened by also having to avoid getting your eyes taken out by 3 sets of plastic blades! These things went everywhere, even crash landing in the middle of the table football. And you weren't safe out on the balcony or down on the ground either. Image successfully, but accidentally managed to fly one out the window 2 floors up which dropped like a bomb as it went out of range! An absolute peach of a hot, sunny and fun-filled day. This will be happening again...


The home of Clubflat

The Hypnotist's 'flapping' technique didn't work on Neil

Even playing Outrunner, Steroid takes it easy

Image tries to hold his toilet urge whilst playing

Quick Buck shows Steroid who's King Of The Table

The Hypnotist hadn't cured himself of smoking yet

Which one is (un)controlling that helicopter!

Helicopter zooms back in looking for victims

Hero topped up the tan daily for the ladies

And now for my next trick, I will make you believe you are a flower

All 3 helicopters are in this pic, can you spot them?

What a beautiful garden. It's a pic reminiscent of Faliraki 2002!

As death flies in, Neil 1 shuts his eyes while Neil 2 decides to eat it

The Hypnotist controls the helicopter with mere thought

Now this is what every lads pad should be like

Steroid lost the toss and had the sunny end of the pitch

A view from the heli-cam as it callously decides who to attack next

Bluff's world record attempt at fags in an ash tray was on track

Neil discovers infra-red doesn't work very well 2 floors up

Image tries wanging the helicopter back up into range

That worked well then

The Hero-mobile took pride of place below

Helicopter breezes in high above for a sneak attack

Un-phased by the prospect of losing an eye, the game continued

The helicopter launch pad

The battle was intense

Not bad for a few hours work

An ad to give up if ever there was one