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Albufeira has two great locations in which to drink away your evenings - New Town which has a mile long strip full of bars and restaurants, or Old Town which has a picturesque square with a large feature tree surrounded by bars and restaurants. Our favourite was definitely Old Town, there is just more going on. Street performers were abundant in both towns though, and New Town did have the added bonus of having a bucking bronco in 'Matts Bar', which Hero and Wolverand had several goes on much to the crowds delight. These things are so much fun, it would be a welcome addition to Clubflat! Going between New Town and Old Town are regular buses which we caught the one night as we didn't fancy the walk back. But this was a bus with a difference. The driver was playing loud clubbing music, it was in effect, a party on the bus! Something you'd never get in the politically correct UK, think of those poor pensioners. After the night in the town had ended, every night was guaranteed to end up at the local Snack Bar next door to our hotel for a few more cheap pints, until it shut at 3am. Then it was back to the hotel room for another drink and to count out all the Tabasco and Piri Piri sauce that had been thieved that night from restaurants.


Reminiscent of Mexico, Hero breaks out the cocktails

Why you shouldn't wear a bandana during the day

The Clubvilla dream was coming closer to reality

Lucy was asked to go 'strip down' but instead she went 'down The Strip'

The boys in the Garage Bar down the strip held them perfectly

The picturesque view of Old Town Albufeira

Hungry Wolverand couldn't wait for photo's and stormed off for food

This was the first two of many bottles

The Boom Bus! Playing loud dance music it was a 'Party On The Bus'

Hero's clearly had a few

Amazingly, Roy's wife Hayley off Coronation St was on the bus!

Hero'ing down the passageways of Old Town

Hunter, Gatherer, Hero

Wolverand made the most of the special offer

Man-killer at 12 O' Clock

Every night a street mimer appeared at Central Bar in Old Town

Another of Hero's farts had cleared The Square

Lucy has been taught well

Now that's what you call a cocktail. Hero's first sparkler

Unfortunately he hadn't been taught how to drink it

Hop on your missus' back and ask for sex - same result only cheaper

Bear in mind Hero is only 5ft 8in himself! "I shall call him Mini-Me"

Wolverand wasn't as difficult as the bronco

The outstanding Magic Faraway Tree in Old Town's square

The view out from Central Bar

Reno's in New Town was perfect for watching Euro Cup qualifiers

A quick stop at the same spot every night back from New town

The message here was clear

Wolverand's spit was like glue - this was 3 days later

Every taxi in Albufeira was a Mercedes but we ended up with a Skoda

The Piri-Piri sauce collection was looking good