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Where do you go if you want an almighty 72 hour piss-up in a place that doesn't stop drinking 24-7 and where you can't understand a word the locals are saying? No not Germany, Budapest or Prague, but Dublin, where anything our Irish cousins try to tell you is even less understood than if you were in one of those other places! The time had come to introduce Dublin to Clubflat and boy did we make an impression. Having heard many stories about Paddy and Shamus who "had been drinking to a half past four in the morning, so they is, so they isn't", it still remains to be seen if the Irish actually know what Clubflat is. This isn't because we didn't distribute more Clubflat cards than we quite possibly ever have before in such a short space of time, but because quite simply the Irish are, well you know, Irish. From one person to the next, baffled looks constantly adorned their blessed faces as they wondered what the Internet and a website was. "Does it serve you Guinness?" asked one. "Well den, we don't need it do we, haw haw". And in the land where Dell Computers are based. Enough said. But despite their lack of knowledge about anything other than Guinness, they sure made up for it with their friendliness, impossible senses of humour and their 'make you feel at home' attitude. Never have we been abroad anywhere where we felt quite so welcome. You can take the piss till the cows come home and the best thing is, they just simply lap it up and come back at you with more. No wonder there's so many Irish jokes. We will be back!

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The Guinness Warriors

If you've been to Dublin, you're sure to see one of these somewhere!