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Like diving, surfing is a big part of life for some of the Clubflat guys. So much so that a trip to Portugal was sorted to go and tackle the winter swell that starts hitting their coast from September onwards. When this trip was booked, no-one could predict what the waves would be doing that far in advance. Little did we know that at the start of the holiday in Peniche, Owen, the God of Surf, had decided to pound the coast with 25ft+ waves. According to the internet, this was the biggest swell on the planet that week! So what exactly did we let ourselves in for? Not being professional surfers, it was kind of suicidal to attempt these conditions, although as you will see, it didn't stop us. We were constantly on the hunt for spots where the swell would not be so directly in from the Atlantic. With Clubflat cards at the ready, our mission to find the best wave was underway.

The Clubflat surfing adventure had begun, it was a time none of us will ever forget. Honouree mystery "No-Name" member joining us on this jaunt was none other than Triple P. A nickname derived from having an exceptionally small bladder, he has been known to go to the toilet up to 15 times a night when out on the drink! Being out at sea for hours, this was a handy way to keep him warm in his wet suit... 



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