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...Well, next year came and as promised Clubflat once again descended on Newquay.  The Clubflat Team this year were Quick Buck, Hero, Image, Eggergizer, Rhythm, Bodge-It, Bluff and No-Name.  Taking the role of No-Name for this expedition was none other than Daz F.  With a family life to contend with, this boy doesn't get out much.  So when he does, God help everyone.  Quick Buck and Image drew the short straws this year and ended up sharing the double bed, and with the copious volumes of methane the B&B bedrooms saw this year, it certainly was a short straw.  But it did allow them to haul themselves up at the crack of dawn without waking the others to try and catch some waves, dude.  This year Eggergizer and Hero were on a mission to dance all night until they dropped and Bluff was on a mission to drink all night, until he dropped.  With the weather not quite so good this year, much, much time was spent in the pub day and night, which was the perfect scenario for laugh, after laugh, after laugh.  Best of all we didn't have to plant many Clubflat stickers this year as most of last years were still there!  Rhythm and Bodge-It aka The Mitchells when put together were unstoppable this year as their quest for beer held no limits and as a result a new name was formed - The Mitchelltron...  Click the links to read all about it and see the trail of destruction that was left behind this year.  Another unforgettable holiday, but was it as good as Newquay 2008?  Well only those who went to both will know...



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